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BIFA Anglia - Regional Members' meeting (Nov 2021)

Starts:  Fri. 19 Nov 2021  at 09:30 AM
Venue: Zoom - Video Conference

Notice to book the date in your diary and for indication of those members that would be interested in attending a face-to-face meeting, with social distancing being observed.

Agenda   Adobe Pdf


  1. Introduction & Welcome
    PN + James Crosby, Anglia Regional Chairman

  2. Training for Life
    Richard Stewart. Richard will give talk on mental health awareness training for your staff, bearing in mind the issues that COVID 19 has brought.

  3. EU Exit update
    Robert Windsor to include changes to live dates.

  4. MCP Destin 8 system links into GVMS
    Steve Lamb & Ole Krebs will demonstrate Destin 8 links into GVMS to cover the changes expected on January 1st 2022 for EU traffic to the UK.

  5. Felixstowe Port Health.
    Richard Jacobs, & Paul Clack. Richard/Paul to update on the upcoming changes on January 1st + April 1st.

  6. Border Force
    TBA. To advise on changes expected on January 1st 2022

  7. CDS update & Customs Policy Group update
    Robert Windsor report on the Customs Policy Group meeting of November 18th

  8. BIFA Training & YFN
    Nezda Leigh. Nezda will inform us of the latest plans for training courses, apprenticeships, CDS e-Learning, YFN & the BIFA industry promotion initiative.

  9. Felixstowe Port Users Association (FPUA)
    Jason Flower, with local developments

  10. Local issues/Forum/Social/Any other business
    Any presentations required?

  11. BIFA Anglia Regional Committee representatives on the BIFA Council and National Policy Groups
    Simon Finch/Darren Brundell attend the BIFA Customs Policy Group.
    Andy Wilding attends the BIFA Surface Policy Group.
    James Crosby attends the BIFA Council meetings

  12. Provisional next meeting date
    February 22nd

Prior notification to attend is needed in order to issue the Zoom invitations, so if you are interested contact your Consultant to BIFA, Paul Newman at paul@pnauk.com.

***Regional events are for attendance by BIFA member freight forwarders only. BIFA Associate members may only attend these events by invitation only***

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