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News articles are listed below, for more detail simply click the title. To see Archive, BIFA or Industry news use the menu options on the left. You can have news articles delivered directly to you as an RSS feed by clicking the RSS Icon above.

Downloads relating to EU Exit (Brexit) can be viewed here: EU EXIT 2020

Note to media: If you wish to use/report items tagged as 'BIFA' that are older than 1 month, please get in touch to ensure that the press release in question still reflects the current circumstances. Contact us.

Current news are those articles from the last 3 months. Archive news are those articles more than 3 months old. To see articles with a specific tag simply click the tag in the panel on the left.

US14 billion profit predicted for container lines

Mon. 23 Nov 2020
Container shipping has gone from doomsday to payday in the space of a few months. Sea-Intelligence has revised for the fourth time this year its EBIT profit forecast for the liner industry as carrier results for Q3 trickle in.

Container line probe launched in USA

Mon. 23 Nov 2020
The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in Washington DC has launched a probe into container line activity in the ports of New York, Los Angeles and Long Beach as shippers voice ever louder concern about the lack of available containers to shift their exports.

Unite announce strike dates

Mon. 23 Nov 2020
To the Heathrow airport community.

UK freight forwarders call on governments to investigate unreasonable surcharges in ocean freight

Thu. 19 Nov 2020
British International Freight Association Director General, Robert Keen says that freight forwarders and the shippers they work for are reeling from unjust demurrage fees linked to congestion in ports around the world.

TSS readiness survey

Thu. 19 Nov 2020
The Northern Ireland Protocol comes into force on 1 January 2021. There will be changes to the way goods move between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

DFT announce guidance for truckers engaged in UK > EU movements

Wed. 18 Nov 2020
45 new information and advice sites.

UK Transition campaign: information from DFT

Wed. 18 Nov 2020
BIFA are working with the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Government Communications Service to ensure hauliers and commercial drivers are provided with the latest advice on what they need to do to prepare for the end of the UK’s transition period with the EU on 31 December 2020.

New IATA Guidance Prepares for Global Vaccine Distribution

Mon. 16 Nov 2020
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released guidance to ensure that the air cargo industry is ready to support the large-scale handling, transport and distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine. IATA’s Guidance for Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Logistics and Distribution provides recommendations for governments and the logistics supply chain in preparation for what will be the largest and most complex global logistics operation ever undertaken.

Carriers bullish as shipping contract talks loom: 'it won't be a buyer's market'

Mon. 16 Nov 2020
European shippers are finding it increasingly difficult to begin annual contract negotiations with container shipping lines.

Consultation on next steps for more environmentally friendly haulage

Tue. 10 Nov 2020
Government launches 2 consultations following successful trial of longer semi-trailers, which have been shown to cut emissions and boost haulier productivity.

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