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Legislative update on issues likely to impact forwarders

Due to the now impending General Election, there was a shortage of parliamentary time to enact numerous pieces of legislation. The two pieces of legislation impacting forwarders, that were lost, related to: -

Fulfilment House

Large sections of the Draft Finance Bill were deleted reducing it in size from over 750 down to approximately 150 pages. There had been considerable consultation regarding Fulfilment Houses by the Treasury, however, as this legislation was controversial the relevant draft clauses were deleted. Having spoken to the Treasury, it would appear that the intention is to re-introduce the legislation at the first opportunity in the new Parliament.

Statement of Weight

As previously reported EU 2015/719 Directive was due to enter law on 7 May 2017. This included the requirement for shippers/loaders to provide a Statement of Weight to the driver where goods have been loaded into containers or swap-bodies. Whilst this requirement is already included in various Road Traffic Acts, additional legislation was thought prudent to incorporate the new requirements into English Law. Once again Government has advised that it will introduce the relevant legislation at the earliest opportunity in the new Parliament.

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