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SCAM WARNING! Websites displaying Trade Association logos

Commonly linked to car buying and shipping, fraudulent websites will often display Trade Association logos to mislead consumers into believing that they are genuine.

At BIFA and FIATA we encourage authorised members to display our logos affirming that they belong to organisations that set standards and encourage good practice. However, fraudulent websites will often display our logos to mislead consumers into believing that they are genuine. Whilst this is particularly prevalent in websites offering cars for sale, it is not limited to this.

A UK member has published comprehensive advice on such car selling scams, which can be read here.

How do you know that a website displaying our logos is genuine?

Never “click through” from a logo if you are suspicious, as this may redirect you to a fake webpage deliberately created to confirm authenticity.

You must go directly to www.bifa.org or www.fiata.com and search the member directories. If you are outside of the UK and you access www.fiata.com you may have to look up the individual association representing a country, such as BIFA in the UK, and then go direct to them to verify the identity of the company you are checking on.

Fraudulent companies spring up and disappear as soon as they have scammed money or goods. There is no recourse and whilst our logos are recognised it is impossible to pre-empt the fraudsters.

Remember! when buying online beware of fraudsters, so check, check and check again.

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