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Slovenia to launch a new electronic toll system for trucks

On 1 April 2018 the Republic of Slovenia will introduce a free-flow electronic tolling system for all vehicles with a maximum permissable mass of more than 3.5 tonnes (heavy vehicles).

With the introduction of a new tolling system called DarsGO as of 1 APRIL 2018, real-time payment of tolls at toll stations will no longer be possible. Furthermore, toll payment using existing electronic media by Dars (DARS cards and ABC tags) will be abolished.

Instead, every vehicle using Slovenian motorways and expressways will have to be registered to use the DarsGO system and equipped with a DarsGO unit that enables toll billing.

The cost of the issue of a DarsGO unit, including value-added tax, amounts to €10.00.

The registration and acquisition of a DarsGO unit will be possible at DarsGO services: as of 6 November 2017 at DarsGO services in Ljubljana, rest areas Lopata, Maribor and Grabonoš, and border-crossings Obrežje and Gruškovje, and as of 15 November 2017 at the Fernetiči border-crossing as well. From the beginning of 2018, DarsGO services will also operate at petrol stations located in rest areas. At that time, everything required to obtain a DarsGO unit will also be provided on the private section of the web portal www.darsgo.si.

More information about the DarsGO system is available at www.darsgo.si.

Since a large number of vehicles will have to be furnished with DarsGO units to use the DarsGO system, you are recommended to make the necessary arrangements in a timely manner and thus avoid the expected queues for registration upon the start of system operations.

If you wish to obtain five or more DarsGo units, you are advised to contact the call centre on +386 1 518 8 350, where you can arrange a faster and simpler way to obtain a large number of DarsGo units, since the process for their issuance at DarsGO services is tailored to the issue of an individual unit.

Do not request a DarsGO unit for vehicles that are not likely to be used on motorways and expressways as of 1 April 2018, as this will lead to unnecessary administrative costs for the issue of a unit that you will not be able to use.

In the existing tolling system, toll will be paid until including 31 March 2018 by the end of the day, i.e. midnight. A DarsGO unit can be installed in a vehicle before that date. You are recommended to install it as soon as you obtain it, since no financial transactions will be made with the unit until 1 April 2018.

For any additional information contact the Call Centre at phone number +386 1 518 8 350 and email: info@darsgo.si.

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