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Chinese Customs Applies New Regulations

New advanced manifest regulations from 1st Aug 2018, applied by Chinese Customs

BIFA has been advised that as per China Customs 2018 no.60 regulation, and China Customs 2017 no. 76 regulation, that from August 1st 2018 advanced manifests must be submitted for all sea and air shipments inbound/outbound/via China comprising the following information: 

  1. Shipper’s company code, contact number, country code
  2. Consignee’s name, company code, attention of party, contact number, address, country code
  3. If consignee is “TO ORDER”, then it is required to provide company code and contact number of notify party
  4. It is recommended that the AEO code is provided, where applicable, which can accelerate process of customs

 The legislation requires that complete and accurate digital manifest data must be submitted to China Customs before departure for air shipments, and 24 hours before loading for sea shipments.

 It would appear that the legislation came into force on the 1st June, but enforcement commenced on the 1st August. We would suggest that Members check individual carriers for confirmation when they need the applicable data, as there do appear to be some variations.

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