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Maersk Honam General Average declared

The insurance industry is bracing itself for hundreds of millions of dollars of claims resulting from the fire on board the Maersk Honam a 15,262 teu container vessel.

Maersk declared General Average (GA) on 9 March and appointed Liverpool-based average adjuster Richards Hogg Lindley to collect the necessary GA security. Maersk confirm that cargo owners have been advised, including 2M partner MSC, of its decision to declare GA.

MSC have requested its customers to contact their insurance company “so that your cargo can be released without delay”, adding: “We have not received any reliable information regarding the condition of your cargo, but we will be sure to inform you after we are notified”.

Maersk Honan

According to the Indian coastguard pictures, hundreds of containers in the fore section of the Ultra Large Container Vessel (ULCV) would seem to be a total loss, but boxes stowed behind the superstructure and in the aft section appear intact. Also, it should be noted that at the time of reporting no port has stated that it will accept the damaged vessel.

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