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Apply now for the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) permits

BIFA urges members to apply as soon as possible.

It was announced on the GOV.UK website that applications for ECMT permits, which can be obtained from the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), opened on the 26th November. BIFA suggest that members, who act as  commercial vehicle operators wanting to transport goods into EU-27 countries post-Brexit, to apply as soon as possible.  In addition to the EU Member Stares the permits are valid in the EEA countries (excluding Cyprus) plus 15 other countries. However, it should be noted that the UK Government has stated it does not expect that permits will be required for Northern Irish trucks wishing to drive to or through Ireland. 

Despite the recent progress in Brexit negotiations, including the signing of the draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the publication of the Political Declaration, setting out the Framework for the Future Relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom,  a ‘No Deal’ exit from the European Union remains a possibility, the Government is still encouraging UK businesses to prepare for this eventuality. 

The application process for 2019’s annual permits opened on 26 November 2018 and will close at 23.59 hours on  Sunday 21 December 2018. With the expected allocation of permits likely to cover only 5% of the current vehicle journeys made between the UK and EU, operators are being urged to apply now or risk being unable to travel in the event of a ‘No Deal’ outcome.  The Department for Transport (DfT) expects the number of applications for ECMT permits will exceed the number of permits available. British operators will only have access to 984 annual permits for 2019, which will be restricted to the most modern vehicles (EURO VI), so the DVSA will allocate permits based on a certain set of criteria.

In addition to the application process the guidance sets out the fee structure of £10 per application plus £123.00 if you are allocated a permit, each permit being valid until 21st December 2019.  In addition, there is information regarding the rules for both using the permits, and for what they cannot be used for.  Also, there is guidance relating to the correct procedures relative to completing documentation prior to a journey and submitting the completed paperwork to the DVSA when it is completed.

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