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An old scam makes a reappearance

BIFA Associate Member EFTA (www.eftaweb.com ) have advised about approaches their Members have received out-of-the-blue relating to companies which have gone into liquidation.

This is an old scam and forwarders that may have been caught out by failed companies, are advised to be on guard.

The scammers / fraudsters get your details off Statements of Affairs / Lists of Creditors filed at Companies House and then contact you suggesting that due to a supposed breach of certain sections of the Insolvency Act 1986 a creditor (you) can pursue the Directors personally. This is  nonsense – the only person who can take action (an extremely rare course) against the Directors is the Liquidator and any ‘result’ will be for the general benefit of the creditors. 

To get you interested the scammers / fraudsters suggest that they have ‘game changing’ information and the only cost you will incur (which should read ‘lose’) is a registration fee – in the latest example I have seen this was £750 plus VAT. The ‘hook’ is that they say that if they do not recover your money with 120 days the £750 plus VAT will be refunded.

BIFA is grateful to James Campbell of EFTA (the European Freight Trades Association) for this information. Many BIFA Members rely on credit control tips, fraud alerts and scam information from EFTA.

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