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VBS Green Charge applies from January 2020

This is to remind you that DP World Southampton are introducing the VBS Green Charge for Euro IV trucks from January 2020.

For registered VBS account holders, your December invoice may show a line for this charge. However, this will be nil. This is while they are testing the system. Charges will not apply until January 2020.

Full details of these charges and how they may apply to you follow below.

During 2018, Southampton City Council went out with a consultation on proposals to improve the air quality in the city.  Their preferred proposal was to levy a charge of up to £100 a day on non-Euro VI trucks entering the city and other charges for buses and taxis.

With support from many of you, DP World Southampton have been able to convince the City Council that such a large charge would not be sustainable for businesses and they have dropped this specific charging model as a solution.

Southampton City Council is now looking for other ways to improve the air quality in the city. Specifically, they have asked DP World Southampton to introduce a scheme that helped them to put an alternative case to government and avoid the larger £100 charge.

VBS green charge

In order to promote the use of Euro VI trucks, DP World Southampton has agreed to implement a much smaller charge of £ 5.00 per truck visit for older trucks through our VBS system, using automated number plate recognition (ANPR).

In order to minimise the impact they are proposing a phased introduction:

  • From 1 January 2020 a £ 5.00 charge will be levied on trucks with licence plates of ‘08’ or older.
  • From 1 January 2022 a £ 5.00 charge will be levied on trucks with licence plates of ‘63’ or older.
  • They will create a separate database for private licence plates and dock use only trucks, where they will ask operators to demonstrate whether their trucks are Euro V / VI compliant.

Based on analysis of current vehicle arrivals this approach will only affect a small percentage of trucks; they expect less than two percent of all trucks to be Euro IV by 2020. Revenues will therefore be very limited and will be applied to recover the investment in the ANPR system.

It is difficult to predict how fast the ‘63’ and older trucks will be replaced but again, to limit the impact and give haulage businesses the opportunity to plan ahead, they have consciously chosen an implementation date of 2022 for charging the newer Euro V trucks.

Full details about the scheme will follow along with our formal tariff announcement in June 2019.

A copy of frequently asked questions are also available on their website.

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