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Heathrow cargo consolidation

Heathrow is looking at how they can improve load factors on vehicles travelling to and from the Cargo Centre.

From research they carried out last year, 69% of vehicles delivering cargo to the Horseshoe had a declared load factor of 50% or less and 51% of vehicles arriving at the site to collect cargo arrived empty.

They believe that freight consolidation (the sharing or sale of load capacity on vehicles travelling to/from the Cargo Centre) will have a role to play and we are committed to working closely with the cargo community to develop a tech-led solution/proposition (funded by them) that best serves the community with aims of:

  • Improving waiting times at the airport through easing congestion
  • Saving costs for operators by only paying for the space they use

To move onto the next phase, they are looking to meet with organisations who are interested in helping to develop a solution and participate in a trial during January and February 2020. Their aim is to streamline processes and rules and understand constraints and time scales involved in cargo activities.

They would like to talk to freight forwarding businesses that:

  • Deliver exports and/or collect imports from the Cargo Centre (Horseshoe)
  • Would be interested in discussing participation in a short-term trial to help the cargo community improve efficiencies and speed up the process of dropping off or collecting cargo at the Horseshoe

For the trial they are looking for companies that:

  • Go to/from the Horseshoe more than twice a week
  • Must be sending/receiving general cargo (not hazardous, perishables, pharma etc)
  • Their proximity to Heathrow is within around 10-15 miles
  • Use their own vehicle(s), not a haulier or courier to drop off/collect

Please contact Timothy.Wells@heathrow.com or Ross.Mccoriston@heathrow.com for further information.

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