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As seen on TV

Back2Back Productions, an independent TV production company based in Brighton are currently making a new series currently titled ‘Megashippers 3’.

This is the third series of ‘Megashippers’, following the huge successes of the series’ 1& 2, which aired on Discovery Quest & various platforms around the world.

The series explores the largely unseen world of shipping and cargo transportation, following some of the most ambitious freight movements all over the world, from luxury super yachts to endangered animals. The items they like to follow must be obscure or interesting in some way, but this can vary from the logistics involved in the move, the size, sensitivity or value of the item or perhaps something that’s never even been shipped at all before. In the past they have covered the HMS Prince of Wales, Formula 1 cars, steam trains, 50 lorries, Scotch Whiskey, Pharmaceuticals, livestock, to name just a few. They always focus on the professionalism and expertise required to ensure these extraordinary pieces of cargo reach their destination undamaged and on time.

If a BIFA Member has any ‘megashipping’ jobs in the coming months? They would love to follow some of these journeys.

If you are interested contact Ash Taylor of Back2Back Productions direct on 01273 227700 or email ash.taylor@back2back.tv

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