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Information on new inland sites to support customs processes

To help facilitate the flow of trade and support local traffic management plans if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, HMRC are providing temporary additional sites in Kent and Essex for goods travelling through the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel under the Common Transit Convention (CTC).

These facilities will also be available to support the processing of ATA Carnets, which give you permission to temporarily import or export goods, for example if you take sales samples to a trade show. An inland site for the processing of ATA Carnets only will also be provided near the Port of Holyhead.

Information on these sites, and when you should use them, has now been published on GOV.UK:

If you regularly import/export goods to the EU you should consider becoming an authorised consignor, to start transit movements at your premises, and/or an authorised consignee, to receive transited goods at your premises. Alternatively, you should consider finding an authorised consignor and/or consignee to manage your movements. 

Further information

Further information on different customs processes available to use in the event of a no deal EU exit can be found on GOV.UK.

More information ATA Carnets can also be found on the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry website. Further guidance is also available in Defra’s guide to live transport.

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