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GB Importers/those responsible for load - Switch to IPAFFS for POAO/CHED-P import notifications on 7 Sept 2020

Letter from DEFRA to all GB importers/peeople responsible for the load

Thank you to those of you who previously provided feedback about the system we will use for import notifications. This has assisted us greatly when making the decision we write to you about now.

We wrote to you at the end of July to inform you that the European Commission will no longer allow new imports using the CVED-P module of Traces Classic on 15 September 2020, as part of its move to a new import system, Traces NT. 

At this point, CVED-P will be known as a CHED-P.To help you prepare for the end of the EU Transition Period (31 December 2020), and as part of the phased introduction of our national import notification system, GB will not be moving to Traces NT.

Notifications to GB from non-EU/third countries that were previously made in Traces Classic on a CVED-P must be made in IPAFFS from 7 September 2020.

Note: Imports into Northern Ireland will move to Traces NT on 15th September.

CHED-A and CHED-D notifications should remain in Traces NT but will be available in IPAFFS in due course, as part of the phased approach – we’ll be in touch again about this.

Please note: You only need to register for IPAFFS if you currently create CVED-P notifications on Traces Classic, as the person responsible for the load.

What you need to do now

- If you haven’t already, register for IPAFFS.

- If you are already registered for IPAFFS, please check that you have your Government Gateway ID and password. If you have forgotten these, or
your memorable word, contact the APHA Service Desk on 03300 416 999
or email APHAServiceDesk@apha.gov.uk

What you need to do from 7 September

- Use IPAFFS for CHED-P imports to GB from 7 September 2020

- We will make the technical switch from Traces Classic to IPAFFS for GB imports at 6am on Monday 7 Sept 2020. You may experience some delays on consignments being released from 6am for approximately 30mins, as we make the switch from Traces Classic to IPAFFS. However, consignments that arrive after 6am should be notified on IPAFFS.

- Any consignments arriving after 6am but notified on Traces Classic or those that have not been cleared by 6am will require manual clearance via the National Clearance Hub

- Failure to enter this information onto IPAFFS may result in a delay to consignments.

See the following flowchart to understand the process.

How we will support you

Access is available to the IPAFFS Training Environment to help prepare for the change.  You will need a Government Gateway account specifically to access this.  (If the training link above does not work for you, please copy and paste the link into your web browser.)

NOTE: You will need to create a separate Government Gateway account to the one you use for your live IPAFFS account.

Training videos are being refreshed and will be available shortly. We will follow up with an email with links to those training videos and user guides. We will also invite you to an online Q&A session.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch by email at the following address: ImpExPMO@defra.gov.uk

We’re here to help.

Kind regards,
SPS IT Programme - Business Readiness Team – Imports and Exports



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