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BA delays

Air cargo community experiencing delays with British Airways at Heathrow Airport.

Following concerns from members, BIFA approached British Airways relating to delays being experienced by the air cargo community.

Martin Lyall - British Airways, responded to BIFA and advised:

“What we are suggesting is where customers have enough freight, we are asking to unitise on aircraft ULDs.

“For many customers, this is more convenient as they are able to break the units down at their own facilities. This does not work for everyone, which is why we offer both a unitised and loose proposition, but it will ease congestion and allow freight to be released more rapidly where it can be applied.

“We are reviewing all other potential measures to increase flow and ultimately improve service.

“We are planning to make a difference in days rather than weeks. I will be spending time in the operation with the team to review their plans and identify any further opportunities.

“This is of high importance to us and is being dealt with accordingly.  It has my full attention.

“I appreciate that our performance has a direct impact on our customers, and we will do all we can, as quickly as we can to improve the situation.”

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