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Sea Intelligence says shippers are right, container shipping services are getting worse

Danish maritime consultancy, Sea-Intelligence is reported to be in agreement with the European Shippers Council (ESC)’s Jordi Espin, who recently complained that shippers were paying more for a worse service.

According to reports in the trade media, in its recent Sunday Spotlight newsletter, Sea-Intelligence has shown that more services are on average arriving late and those that were later are considerably worse than last year.

The reports add that more ships are arriving late compared to last year, and the reliability is better than 2018, however, of the vessels that do arrive late they are tardier than 2019 and 2018, according to Sea-Intelligence statistics.

Although, schedule reliability was up month-on-month with the May average up 5% on the April record to 74.9%. The figures for reliability remain challenging.

The reports indicate that Sea-Intelligence argued that the improving service could be due to greater buffers implemented by the lines to maintain schedule integrity, although the increase in schedule reliability could then simply be a case of fewer vessels being easier to manage per service string. In which case, a demand resurgence could see schedule reliability drop.

Late vessels have been arriving over five days late since February, with the exception of March when the service level improved marginally to 4.75 days late.

The reports add that according to Sea-Intelligence the lateness index has “been consistently high throughout 2020”.

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