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Expiration of Air Cargo Security training status

Without doubt a number of members aviation security certificates will expire in the coming weeks/months with limited opportunity to re-validate through refresher courses. Request for alleviations are considered by the CAA.

To quote from correspondence with the CAA:

'We have seen a variety of situations arise, with each entity presenting their own individual circumstances - therefore we are assessing on a case by case basis and this is currently felt to be appropriate. Each entity will have a slightly different approach to training – in house/outsourced, classroom or CBT, screening site or not – and from our work at the recent Cargo syllabus review we know that operations differ significantly even when using the same training approaches.

There is no backlog on our side and the volume of request we are receiving is actually much lower than I expected following our letter last Friday, encouraging entities to assess their individual needs and contact us.

These requests can be used to avoid face to face recurrent training at this moment in time and we do not have an expectations that this continues, so if your training staff are working from home or indeed self-isolating (or the trainees are) this can be respected. If you have received advice that you must continue face to face training, please do forward this to me as it does not reflect our approach and I would like to follow this up.

Whilst the CAA, as the Regulator, rather than the Appropriate Authority, does not have the legal power ourselves to issue alleviations or variation directions without agreement of the DfT, as mentioned above, we are closely working with the DfT to facilitate requests and review future options.  This will continue for as long as it will be needed.

We would encourage any entity who has not done so already to get in touch with us with any specific training requests so that we can provide assistance – we are indeed approaching these requests with as much pragmatism and flexibility as we can.’

In the first instance all training enquiries should be sent to avsec.training@avsec.caa.co.uk

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