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UK Government, Future Borders “Check an HGV is ready to cross the border" web service

Invitation to Private Beta research.

About this research

The UK government, within the Border and Protocol Delivery Group (Future Borders), has initiated work on a new capability called "Check an HGV is ready to cross the border", and is currently seeking feedback from the industry to help refine this solution with the intention that any implementation would be a phased approach in conjunction with other government capabilities. In order to support the Group in achieving their objectives, we are reaching out to various freight industry members to test this service as a part of our Private Beta research, share their feedback and help us refine it further. During August, the Department for Transport ran a public consultation regarding updating the legislation that underpins Operation Brock.

The outcome of this consultation has been recently published and is available here:


Operation Brock is the name of the traffic management measures that would be deployed in Kent if there is congestion approaching the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel. This consultation sought views on whether the legislation should require any haulier using designated roads in Kent leading to the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel to be in possession of a ‘Kent Access permit’ (KAP), which would be digitally issued to drivers receiving a ‘green’ or ‘amber’ result from the service.

Participation criteria

We are particularly interested in reaching out to:

  • Owner operators of micro haulage businesses and HGV drivers crossing the border via Eurotunnel or Port of Dover.
  • Businesses exporting their own goods to EU via Eurotunnel or Port of Dover (with their own fleet / HGV drivers or without).
  • Fast parcel operators, express services and integrators crossing the border via Eurotunnel or Port of Dover.

This invitation is also open to any other freight forwarding any haulage and logistics operators that wish to take part in this private Beta research.

*** Please note that the website that you will test is only a demonstration of the service. ***

*** The actual service will go live in mid December 2020 as Public Beta. ***  

Company size and haulage operations

We'd like to involve companies of any size, particularly micro (0 - 9 employees), small (10 - 49 employees), medium (50 - 249 employees) companies that are currently exporting goods from the UK to the EU through Eurotunnel and Port of Dover. We're interested in accompanied Ro-Ro road freight movements only.

If you’re using other ports in Great Britain, you’re more than welcome to test the service at a later stage. We’ll let you know when a testing prototype will be available for these other ports.


We'd like to reach out to companies in the UK and within the EU.

Commodity type

We'd also like to hear from companies that also specialise in fresh fish, livestock, refrigerated, abnormal (out of gauge), hazardous or other restricted goods.  

How to participate

If you'd like to register your interest, please send an email to alfonso.gugino@hmrc.gov.uk and our researchers will get in touch with more information.

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