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UK Transition campaign: information from DFT

BIFA are working with the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Government Communications Service to ensure hauliers and commercial drivers are provided with the latest advice on what they need to do to prepare for the end of the UK’s transition period with the EU on 31 December 2020.

With this in mind, we would like our Members’ help in reaching the haulage industry to ensure drivers are fully prepared and informed about the changes that will affect them, including changes to insurance, driving permits, potential traffic rerouting and customs requirements.
There is a toolkit containing messaging and assets, which Government would be grateful if Members could use, to help raise awareness amongst the haulage industry, available here: https://extranet.dft.gov.uk/haulage-commercial-drivers-partners-pack/
These assets can be used to:

  1. Email members / customers in the haulage industry. There is a long and short copy in the toolkit to support with this, as well as banners and images.
  2. Host guidance on websites. The copy and imagery provided can also be used here.
  3. Post on social media channels. Animated assets have been created which can be used as engaging and informative posts.
  4. Place information around physical sites interacting with the haulage industry. Posters and flyers are available as PDFs to be printed and distributed where applicable.

Regardless of the outcome of negotiations, there are actions that haulage businesses need to take now. By taking these actions, these businesses can ensure they’re prepared from 1 January 2021.

Government would like to thank you for your assistance in advance.

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