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Transfer of International Trade activities in North Kent locations

BIFA informed that the Border Force International Trade activities currently covered by the Border Force team based at Tilbury will be transferring to the Border Force team based at the Freight Clearance Centre at the Western Docks in Dover on 30th September.

Advisory letters were sent on the 24th August by the Border Force team at Tilbury to all traders identified as being impacted by the transfer and the date of transfer was confirmed by the team on 14th September.     Those BIFA Member locations which are currently using EPU code 150 to clear CHIEF entries for goods need to change to a new EPU code of 065. Those already using EPU code 065, do not need to take any action. Additionally, they will also need to change to this code on Inventory systems CNS and Destin8.

All Community Transit (NCTS) movements will move from badge code GB000093 to badge code GB000060 for both Office of Departure and Office of Destination movements.   All Border Force examinations will be carried out by the new controlling office at Dover, which is open 24/7.

All paperwork/documents and public enquiries (CAP exam, licences, ships spares & stores, customs entry enquires, undeclared goods, transhipments etc…) will also be dealt with by the new controlling office.

The contact details for this office are as follows:

Phone: 03000 515830 & 03000 515831
Email: doverinternationaltrade@homeoffice.gov.uk

Border Force International Trade
Border Force South East & Europe
Freight Clearance Centre
Lord Warden Square
Western Docks
CT17 9DN

The phone numbers above are those of the team on shift who can take enquires 24/7 and are the primary contact numbers for the BIFA Members to use.


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