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Government Response to Better Delivery: A Challenge for Freight

This government has published a document that sets out its positive responses to a report published by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) that provides advice on how to tackle the multiple challenges facing the freight sector, whilst ensuring a world class freight system continues to support UK growth.

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The document outlines the recommendations and updates on the significant progress that has been made enabling the government to fully, or mostly, endorse the majority of the recommendations set out by the NIC in April 2019 in its report titled ‘Better Delivery: The Challenge for Freight’.

The latest document says that the UK has one of the most efficient freight systems in the world. Every year, around 1.6 billion tonnes of goods move by air, sea, rail and road, ending up in factories, on supermarket shelves and on our doorsteps.

Like arteries in the human body, the freight system underpins our national economic health, spreading prosperity through commerce across the UK.

Transporting goods has never been more reliable, low cost and quick; however, the industry must face up to future challenges.

Already a significant contributor to the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, freight must also manage its effect on congestion and consider how technology can help meet rising future demand. 

Progress has been made against the backdrop of the enormous challenge posed to the freight sector by COVID-19 pandemic response and the start of our new relationship with the European Union. 

This response is an important part of the government’s commitment to a wider Future of Freight programme which will build upon the NIC’s work in ‘Better Delivery’ to produce a long-term strategic plan for the freight sector. 

The full report can be read here:

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