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HGV driving tests - invite to respond to government consultation

On August 10th, the government launched a consultation, which will run until 23:59 on September 7th regarding its proposals for the HGV Driving Test.

As the preamble to the document indicates, this has been a long term structural issue, which has developed over a long period of time.

The situation has been made worse recently by EU Exit and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Both events have seen large numbers of EU nationals return to their home countries and the well documented impact of the pingdemic has made a deteriorating situation worse.

For too long people at all levels have paid little heed as to what is actually required by the forwarding and logistics sector to ensure that it can operate efficiently.

The current driver shortage is the most public-facing example of the result of these long term problems, but there are far deeper issues than can be resolved merely by relatively minor changes to the driving test.

However, as part of BIFA's on-going dialogue with Government, we would ask Members where appropriate to respond to this consultation, full details of which can be seen here.

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