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Important: Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) Updates/Reminder

Updates from the GVMS team.

Update to Hauliers on planned GVMS downtime from 12am GMT to 2am GMT on 28th February 2021

As part of our ongoing IT improvement there will be a short period of GVMS downtime from 12am GMT to 2am GMT on 28th February 2021.

Please ensure that you have completed all your GVMS related actions prior to arriving at the port for your journey, before 12am GMT on 28th February 2021, as it will not be possible to make amendments or updates to Goods Movement References during this downtime.

We have contacted Carriers who may be impacted to inform them of the period of downtime

Importing goods from EU to GB

Although GVMS does not cover all goods movements until July 2021, we ask you to note the message below when importing goods from EU into GB now:

Before goods are imported, it is important that the importer and haulier/person responsible for moving the goods have clarified whether the goods will be declared using delayed declarations or using existing customs processes to complete a full (or, if authorised, simplified) customs at the point of entry so that the correct procedures are followed

Incorrect use of EAD in Goods Movement Requests

We are seeing increased instances where Export Accompanying Document (EAD) Movement Reference Numbers (MRN's) are being incorrectly entered in the Transit MRN field in Goods Movement References (GMR). This is occurring both on EU to GB routes and between NI and GB.

When moving goods from the EU into GB, or from NI into GB, you currently only need to create a GMR if you are moving goods under the Common Transit Convention and have a Transit Accompanying Document. In this case you only need to enter your TAD MRNs into a GMR.

When moving goods from GB into NI you are always required to provide a GMR. This GMR may include import or transit declarations. You should only select that you are a Transit movement in GVMS if you are moving goods under the Common Transit Convention and have a Transit Accompanying Document. If you are moving goods under the CTC you only need to enter your TAD MRNs into your GMR.

You do not need to provide an EU Export Accompanying Document reference to GVMS. If you are exporting from the Republic of Ireland, but moving via an NI port, you must provide HMRC with the master reference number of your export declaration that covers your goods, which should be submitted alongside evidence of your departure. Information on how you can do this is available at: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/making-an-indirect-export-from-northern-ireland.

More information on when to submit an export declaration for NI-GB movements is available at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/moving-qualifying-goods-from-northern-ireland-to-the-rest-of-the-uk. HMRC will publish further guidance when NI or GB export declarations are required to be added to your GMR, for NI-GB or GB-EU routes.

Line of Sight between HQ and Drivers

A reminder to all hauliers of the necessity for a clear line of sight between your Headquarters (HQ) and drivers to ensure that cleared/held messages from GVMS are passed to the person in control of the goods and that they attend for checks where GVMS indicates they are required to do so. Failure to report for inspections means that customs control requirements have not been met.

We referred to haulier responsibilities and the need for this line of sight in our recent GVMS Haulier Webinars. These can be accessed via: the following links :

  • EU>GB Haulier Webinar 1 - available on YouTube Link here
  • GB>NI GVMS Haulier webinar 1- available on YouTube Link here 
  • GVMS Haulier Webinar 2 -available on YouTube Link here

HMRC are working to improve the medium for sharing information to hauliers/drivers and will provide more information in future. However for now please ensure you are familiar with your responsibilities for the sharing of held/cleared messages and ensuring the person in control of the goods attends for checks where required.

Volunteers for Usability Testing of GVMS Web UI

We want to continue working closely with users of GVMS / Get a goods movement reference (GMR), to better understand how the service is used, evaluate and improve its design usability

HMRC would like to continue to engage in research with hauliers - users of the GVMS / get a goods movement reference (GMR) service; to gather their feedback and understand how the service is used in order to evaluate and improve the service's design. To do this, volunteers are needed to sign up to the the GOV.UK User Panel (via the embedded link) so they can be contacted for GVMS user research.

If you have not done so already, could you sign up to the User Panel, where you can be contacted in future with user research invitations. We have some sessions in the following weeks and will need you to be signed up to the panel if you wish to participate.

Please note this invite is for individuals within your business using/will be using the 'Get a goods movement reference' online service. If this is not you please forward it to the right colleague(s).

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