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Important information for Hauliers regarding GVMS

Message from HMRC GVMS Team to Hauliers.

As you are aware the Good Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) Registration service went live on 08/12/20 and we shared a link with you, to the Gov.uk pages as per this link Registration.

To register, you will need an EORI/UTR numbers and you will also need to input information such as your company name & address details.

If any of the data you supply does not match HMRC records, then your registration may be delayed or even rejected.

One key point is that you must use the same address for your GVMS registration that you have used for any other Government Gateway service enrolment and ensure the address information you provide is accurate.

If you do not , this will cause a delay in your registration application. Common errors with registration applications are:

  • Company address  or office address used only different Government Gateway accounts

  • Typing errors with address and postcode details – again any slight mis-match will cause a delay in your GVMS registration

If you already hold Government Gateway credentials, to avoid any delays to your registration there are some quick links where you can check your information:


Link EORI checker: www.tax.service.gov.uk/check-eori-number


As an organisation

You will also need your Corporation Tax Unique Tax Reference (UTR). You can find a UTR number.

Sole trader: Finding Address - this can be found in the Personal Tax Account

Additional general information for Hauliers

Hauliers moving goods for Transit, CITES or Carnets will need to visit an Inland Border Facility before reaching Dover or Eurotunnel. If you’re coming from the North, go to Birmingham or Warrington. Make sure you bring the correct paperwork (T1 and LRN). You must have a negative COVID test. Visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/attending-an-inland-border-facility/attending-an-inland-border-facility  

Hauliers moving goods through Dover or Eurotunnel need to go to an Inland Border Facility for Transit, CITES or Carnets. If these don’t apply and you have already made an export declaration, have a Kent Access Permit and a negative COVID result, you can head straight to Dover or Eurotunnel.

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