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T1 status confusion at UK airports

BIFA Members have reported confusion by the need to input T1 status on air shipments not transiting EU or EFTA countries.

Information provided to BIFA from British Airways (BA) explains that the Airport Bureau System (ABS) has been configured correctly as the carriers and/or their appointed Ground Handling Agent (GHA) report these as T Status so a correct message is sent to CCS-UK to look for the export clearance approval from CHIEF. These codes are not reported for Rest of the World (RoW) and UK originating goods are reported to the EU as T1.

The spokesperson from BA said:

"In summary, we collectively agreed that:

  • The use of X status is no longer permissible and should be replaced with T1 status.
  • C status has been prohibited by CCS-UK for imports so cannot be used.
  • C status should not be used for exports.
  • Airlines and ITSFs should change their EU status settings against GB airports.
  • A new D status can be used solely for GB to NI movements. once the IT change has been made.
  • In the interim period, ITSF operator may use the “Release by TSO” mechanism for any GB to NI movements.

"From a BA perspective the would expect the Code to be T1 and not X. In Premia, if an FWB is received with an X it would be treated the same as ABS and would not accept the FWB until it is changed to a T status either in our system directly or in a new FWB. For Ascentis we use an older system that it is less important as we now report everything for an export clearance and send an onward FWB to the EU destination as T1.

"There would be no issues if the AWB and any FWB contained T1 as the Status code."

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