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CCS-UK Electronic Fallback system

Feedback following CCS-UK Electronic Fallback invocation shortly after CHIEF failed on the 22nd June.

This system is designed to keep air freight moving during a significant outage of the CHIEF system. The benefit of the system is that it is far less onerous than the HMRC manual fallback service and the procedures following recovery of the CHIEF service are relatively simple.

On the occasion of the CHIEF outage most Forwarders had the capability of using the service. However, for Import clearances not all AEO Forwarders used the AI FBK03 statement in their declarations (which under the electronic fallback regime are required) and therefore these consignments were not released by the CCS-UK system.

For Exports a “G2G” (Good to Go) declaration is required. For those Forwarders that used the G2G their Exports flew normally. Regrettably only a small number of Forwarders completed this declaration.

All ITSF operators can use the Electronic fallback service provided through CCS-UK.

The CCS-UK Electronic fallback system will be developed to support failures on CDS.

The CCS-UK User Group and BT (the providers of CCS-UK) would therefore like to encourage more forwarders to check out the service, which is free to all CCS-UK users. Our web site (www.ccs-uk-ug.org) contains guidance notes that fully explain how the system works. Our intention is to organise, with HMRC, an industry live trial to ensure that the air cargo industry is better prepared for the next failure of CHIEF.

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