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Office Of Destination Reminder

Since the UK left the EU and HMRC introduced GVMS, it has been identified that several Hauliers are not fully meeting their Common Transit Convention (CTC) obligations, specifically presenting the paper Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) at the Office of Destination where the transit movement is ending at the port.

Office Of Destination Reminder

If your transit movement is ending in the UK

You can end a transit movement in the UK by presenting your goods with all accompanying documentation to:

  • an authorised consignee location (this may be your own or an agent’s premises)


  • a UK office of destination

When moving goods under CTC, goods must be accompanied by a paper TAD. When arriving at the destination country this must be presented to the customs office of destination or authorised consignee so that the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) can be updated to indicate that the goods have arrived.

The CTC is a customs facilitation that allows for the movement of goods between the UK, the EU and a number of neighbouring countries under a financial guarantee. Putting goods into CTC transit suspends customs checks and payments of duties until the goods reach their destination.

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