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TT Club warns of temptation of passing boxes unfit for purpose

Container users are warned by marine insurer TT Club that temptation to forego safety procedures run high today during an acute shortage of equipment must be resisted.

"Responsibilities of operators providing empty boxes and those packing them should not be forgotten in a period when temptations to forego safety measures are strong." said the TT Club press release.

"The ripple effects of lockdowns, interruptions in trade and less predictable peaks and troughs have resulted in imbalances of container equipment," said TT Club loss prevention chief Mike Yarwood.

"These circumstances must not be allowed to lead to the widespread use of inferior container equipment or that which does not comply with industry standards," he said.

TT has for long promoted the use of the CTU (Cargo Transport Units) Code which asks the following questions:

Is the container exterior free from soil or other visible infestation by pests?

Is the container exterior in good condition, and not significantly distorted, cracked or bent?

Does the container have a valid CSC Approval Plate?

Is the container interior free from signs of damage, signs of water ingress, rust, residues, stains or debris?

Is the container interior free from soil or other visible infestation by pests?

The TT Club concludes: "While imbalances, delays and restricted availability will place additional stress on all those involved in the supply chain, maintaining rigour in operations is vital. The ultimate question - is your container fit for purpose? - must always be answered honestly and in full."

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