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Have Your Say: Gatwick Northern Runway Consultation

The Gatwick Airport Ltd (GAL) consultation on proposals to bring the Northern Runway into routine use will close on the 1st December 2021. Your feedback will help refine plans before they are submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.

The Consultation Summary Document provides an overview of these plans with GAL are advising that:

  • More than 90% of the jobs and value generated by the Northern Runway Project in 2038 would occur within the local and regional area; this equates to a local and regional boost of 18,400 additional jobs and £1.5 billion of annual value.
  • Growth due to the Project would mean businesses at the airport and across the supply chain would benefit further; some businesses would expand, while others – attracted by improved connectivity – would locate themselves nearer to the airport, increasing the size of the regional economy.
  • Investing for future growth with the Northern Runway Project offers significant opportunities for new jobs, the development of new skills and careers, as well as for business growth and increased productivity. We want local people and businesses to benefit as much as possible. GAL’s Outline Employment, Skills and Business Strategy sets out proposals for achieving this.
  • Their transport strategy aims to continue increasing the overall share of passengers and staff using public transport to get to and from the airport and deliver improvements to local highways and junctions.
  • Finally, they are developing a detailed Carbon and Climate Change Action Plan; this will set out how this will achieve emission reductions, including those of their partners. Making best use of Gatwick’s runway capacity would enable the airport to grow whilst ensuring Gatwick does not compromise the net zero UK carbon target.

GAL want to hear your views and we would encourage our affected members to have their say on their plans by 1st December 2021.

To learn more about the proposals, please visit gatwickairport.com/futureplans

There you will be able to: 

1. Visit the Virtual Exhibition
2. Read all the key consultation documents and
3. Complete the feedback questionnaire


If you have any specific questions about the project, you can get in touch by emailing info@gatwickfutureplans.com.

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