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New Rules On Import Controls - From 1st Jan 2022

HMRC have released the official digital assets to support Businesses with the changes coming into effect on 1st January 2022

Dear Members,

The Government wishes to ensure that our industry is as prepared as possible for the customs and other changes that are due to take effect on the 1st January 2022 and later on the 1st July 2022

Thorough communication of these changes is key to driving awareness and understanding so that Members can make the changes required to keep importing goods.

Whilst BIFA has been forwarding information about process changes and events originating from individual departments, the Cabinet Office has shared with us the official documents for our Industry to use when communicating the changes. 

Examples of the assets provided include printable A4 Posters, Social Media images and Digital Screen content. These documents have been presented to us using “Dropbox” folders which are accessible by anyone with the relevant links. 

Please find below the Dropbox links for each subject:

These documents can also be found on our EU Exit section of the BIFA website, under the Trade In Goods Post Transition page.

Whilst we know that much of the information provided will already be known, we hope that there will be some information that is new and of great use to our Members.

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