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UK Government lifts Cabotage restrictions

The UK Government has decided to allow non-UK operators temporary extra cabotage rights from 28 October until 30 April 2022.

The relaxation of the rules was announced in the final report Temporary extension to road haulage cabotage: consultation response on the results of the public consultation on the temporary extension to road haulage cabotage. The measures are aimed at temporarily alleviating pressures in the UK supply chain associated with the current shortage in HGV drivers.

The new rules allow cabotage operations within Great Britain for a period of 14 days with the first day being when a laden entry into the United Kingdom was made, with no limitation during that period on the number of cabotage journeys permitted. The changes will be implemented via a statutory instrument and a provision announced in the Budget to remove vehicles undertaking the temporary additional cabotage from the requirement to pay vehicle excise duty.

While the Government noted that temporary measures have been adopted to address the shortage of drivers affecting UK supply chain, the Department for Transport emphasises that the acute lorry driver shortage will only be structurally resolved by growing the UK-resident labour force.

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