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Green Pass in international road transport

CLECAT report variations in the application of the Eu Digital COVID Certificate (‘Green Pass’) in individual EU Members States.

The EU Association for Freight Forwarders (CLECAT) have been informed by some of its members on diverging rules by Member States on the implementation of the ‘Green Pass’ for drivers and other workers, which can be of particular concern for international transport operations:

Italy has made the Green Pass mandatory for all workers in both public and private sectors. The certificate will be mandatory as of 15 October 2021. This means that drivers need a Green Pass to enter the workplace and for performing loading/unloading activities, regardless of their nationality. In Slovenia, the same rule has applied to workers since mid-September, with an exception for international drivers transiting through Slovenia and refuelling at petrol stations, with no loading/unloading activities. In France, drivers are exempted from presenting their Certificate while performing loading/unloading activities.

In view of the structural shortage of drivers and a lower vaccination rate among them in some countries, CLECAT understand that this situation may create problems in France, Italy and other countries. One important element remains to prioritise drivers in national vaccination programmes and campaigns.

CLECAT members are invited to share information on the implementation of the Green Pass at national level and possible concerns with regards to the impact on international road freight transport. This will allow CLECAT to identify possible issues related to the application of diverging COVID Certificate rules affecting drivers, and call on national governments to coordinate their measures in view of international transport operations.

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