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Traffic Commissioners Review

BIFA has been advised that a review of the Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain was launched on 11th August.

The objective of the review is to provide robust assessment, challenge and assurance on the health and effectiveness of the Traffic Commissioner (TC) function, including the Office of the Traffic Commissioners (OTC) which supports the TCs.

Specifically, the review will look at:

  • whether the functions that are provided by and in the name of TCs are required;
  • whether the TCs are carrying out their functions effectively and efficiently;
  • whether the support provided by DVSA and, specifically, OTC allows TCs to do so;
  • whether the current OTC DVSA-provided support and TC arrangements best support the delivery of these functions;
  • whether the OTC support continues to be provided by DVSA, or would be more effective if separated, given DVSA’s enforcement functions and the TC role as independent regulators;
  • the effectiveness and appropriateness of existing governance, accountability, assurance, and intelligence sharing arrangements; and
  • the appropriateness of delivering additional functions.

The review is being carried out by the Ministry of Justice Arm’s Length Body of Expertise, in partnership with the Department for Transport.

Government is aware that the British International Freight Association Members may have an interest in contributing their opinions to the review.

As part of the evidence-gathering phase, an online consultation has been launched to collect views relating to the TC function, which can be accessed online at:


The closing date for responses is 8 September 2021.

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