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Member Survey: Understanding The Current Container Shipping Market

We would like to thank the BIFA Members who took the time to complete our recent survey on the current state of the deep sea container business, which has provided some interesting insights into the market at present. 

The survey highlighted Members general dissatisfaction with current market conditions; welcoming the idea of an investigation and potential regulation of shipping lines, points which BIFA emphasised to the CMA

The information those Members have provided has been used to request the launch of an enquiry into shipping line practices by the United Kingdom's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Within the request, examples of poor service have been highlighted; which has resulted in additional uncontrollable costs for our members, such as quay rent and demurrage. 

At this time, BIFA does not wish to raise its Members' expectations because this is a complex issue, and there is no guarantee that a request for an enquiry will be granted.

However, BIFA has specifically requested that the CMA considers investigating the issues that are purely domestic which have negatively impacted BIFA Members. 

BIFA will keep Members updated of any developments.

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