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Motis FSA clearance facility at Dover to begin accepting inventory linked CDS import declarations for clearance

Descartes Pentant CSP is pleased to announce that from Thursday 1st September the Motis FSA clearance facility at Dover will be accepting inventory linked CDS import declarations for clearance via their site.

The process of creating inventory records (ACAs) and subsequent inventory linked declarations will remain the same as is currently in place for CHIEF.

Inventory records can be created via the Pentant screens, or, if your software offers the function, via message from your software. Declarations (and inventory messages) will need to be sent via your CDS connection to Pentant. Many already have this in place and are already using it, but if you do not yet have your CDS communications with Pentant in place please speak to your software supplier and/or contact Descartes Pentant via their service desk – servicedesk@descartes.com.

It will, for as long as HMRC allow the use of CHIEF, be possible to dual run through Pentant for CHIEF and CDS inventory imports. It is HMRC’s intention that CHIEF is closed for imports from September 30th.

Exports on CDS will follow in the coming months, and Descartes will announce this availability once all functionality is delivered by HMRC and tested in their systems. Currently it is HMRC's intention for CHIEF to close for Exports by the end of March 2023.

A TDR (trader dress rehearsal) facility is available if you would like to test the import CDS process at Motis ahead of your go-live. This is a “live-like” environment and as such will, like the live system, require the ACAs to be arrived by Motis as per usual procedure.

If you would like to work with Motis to test in the TDR environment, please contact Tim Dixon - Tim.Dixon@MotisFSA.com – who will confirm that you are using the test environment.

If you have any questions, please do contact the Descartes service desk, or reach out to Motis, who will be happy to help.

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