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HMRC Guide To H6 Holds (Unarrived CHIEF Declarations)

Based on the current experience HMRC has identified that in a number of cases CHIEF declarations has entered the port in an "unarrived" state (and received a H6 routing). 

BIFA has been informed by HMRC that for these circumstances the following temporary workaround can be used to ensure that goods which are being held under a H6 entry are appropriately released.

Actions required by agents/declarants:

  1. Agent/declarant to check declaration data is correct e.g. commodity code, deferment has sufficient funds etc

  2. Amend declaration – e.g. if commodity code error identified

  3. Do NOT remove RRS01 AI header statement

  4. Agent to manually arrive the declaration – if HCI facility available arrive via CHIEF HCI (screen interactive) transaction ANGA

  5. (If agent receives CHIEF error code remove RRS01 and repeat steps 4/5)

Please note:

  • Steps 3 and 5 will not apply for non-GVMS movements

  • Agents must first attempt steps 1-4 before attempting using step 5

HMRC have suggested that agents/declarants should have procedures in place to check the status of shipments up to the point of arrival to ensure that clearance has been granted and that the carrying vehicle can clear the point of arrival.

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