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HMRC Implement Waiver Code for CDS For Prohibited And Restricted Goods

Following our article last week advising on the scheduled downtime on CDS, HMRC has implemented a waiver code for prohibited and restricted goods.

The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) was not available to use from 29th January 2022 9:30pm until 5am on the 30th January 2022.

This downtime was caused by the need to migrate data and update the CDS system to enable the use of the code 999L. Due to the volume of data, the migration process will be completed in four chunks and the full use of the code by users will be available from the 7th of February and is available for use until 30 September 2023.

Members have expressed their concern regarding the withdrawal of code LIC99 when CHIEF will no longer be available for further usage. In response to those concerns, HMRC has opted to temporarily implement the 999L code for a set period of time in CDS.

However, please note in CDS the code can be used only for applicable commodity codes! 

The waiver code 999L is to be declared for prohibited and restricted goods; allowing declarants to confirm that the goods are not subject to specific licencing measures i.e. a specific licence is not required to import or export the declared goods.

This eliminates the need to fill out different document codes for a single goods item, as would ordinarily be needed where those goods are subject to more than one licence measure but are exempt from the controls. Entering document code 999L once against that goods item will satisfy all measures those goods are exempt from. 

Where a mandatory licence document code is required it must be entered as the use of 999L for these goods will cause the declaration to fail validation. 

For detailed information please see the GB CDS and CHIEF Tariff Guide (Imports, Exports, Inventory) supplementing the current version of the UK Trade Tariff: Volume 3 for CDS and Volume 3 for CHIEF - Page 28:



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