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HMRC Seeks Member Support For Testing GVMS Changes

BIFA has been contacted by HMRC regarding a change to the GVMS system who are appealing to the industry for support in testing this enhancement.

The Department is currently looking for some import live proving volunteers (both hauliers/drivers and their traders) for a small change in the GVMS driver portal that is going live on 31/01/22.

The change only affects the Gov.uk driver portal. It has no additional requirements but it gives more information on what IBF to attend if a customs hold is required.

When goods require an inspection, the driver portal will display a specific location. As an example, for Dover port the text would say 'Report for inspection at Sevington IBF’ rather than the existing message.

The requirements would be to provide HMRC some import ERNs during the testing window for us to monitor. HMRC would put a Route 1/ documentary hold then release immediately after the vehicle has arrived in GB.

HMRC will be live proving between 31/01/22 – 06/02/22

If you are interested in taking part and supporting this initiative, please email the Live Proving Inbox:- euliveproving@hmrc.gov.uk

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