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Customs Declaration Service: HMRC Engagement with Customs Agents and Importers

We have been contacted by HMRC regarding their ongoing engagement with customs agents and importers regarding the migration from CHIEF to CDS.

HMRC has advised that CHIEF will be closed to new import declarations from the 30th September 2022

The Department has informed BIFA that it has been monitoring customs agents and importers who have a deferment account in CHIEF to see how many have fully transferred their deferment account to CDS. 

HMRC has advised that very soon they will be contacting all deferment account holders who have not fully transitioned this account to CDS.

Particular emphasis will be placed on reminding account holders of the following:

  • DDA holders must complete a new Direct Debit Instruction for CDS.  If they do not complete one then they cannot use their existing DDA when they migrate to CDS as CDS has a different bank account to CHIEF

We understand that contact will commence in the next fortnight.

When preparing for CDS, the first stages of subscribing your Government Gateway user ID to the Customs Declaration Service and then correctly transitioning your deferment account with associated waivers and guarantees to CDS are in many ways the most important stages of the whole process.
Our guidance to any Member who has not transitioned their deferment account to CDS is to do so as quickly as possible - this will reduce problems later in the overall process of moving to the new system.
If the recipient of this message is not directly involved in your organisation’s migration to CDS, please forward it to the relevant person.

Thank You

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