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Reminder of BIFA's CDS Documents

Having monitored the e-mail enquiries regarding CDS, we would like to highlight the following information and documents to our Members.

In 2018 BIFA published two documents in response to specific Member questions regarding the correlation between Box Numbers (CHIEF) and Data Elements (CDS) 106503_cds_data_element_correlation_table_v4.pdf (bifa.org) This information has been incorporated into our training materials etc.

We are well aware that that additional information needs to be collected in order to complete a customs declaration on CDS. In effect the new system now electronically incorporates much of the valuation information which was originally included in forms DV1/C105a within the declatation.

BIFA has prepared the following document covering the main additional data requirements cds-data-requirements-form.pdf (bifa.org).  Members can use these document(s) and send them to customers in order to collect that information and highlight the additional complexity of completing a CDS declaration. 

One frequent issue that has been raised is the importer's reluctance or in some cases inability to divulge certain information such as Buyer and or Seller. HMRC have agreed to a temporary waiver to having to include this information in a customs declaration, which is included in the following document /media/4749298/h0010934-cds-simplifications-guide-10222.pdf

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