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BIFA Appeals To UK Government Following Border Operating Model Announcement

In response to the government's decision to postpone the next phase of the Border Operating Model, which was scheduled for implementation on July 1st, BIFA has written to Jacob Rees-Mogg, Minister of State for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency to request that a mechanism be created to compensate the trade association's members for the financial losses that they have incurred has a result of making investments in IT and software, staff, premises and equipment, that are most likely not going to be required.

In the letter, BIFA makes clear that its members have done exactly what government requested in order to facilitate the changes that result from the Border Operating Model. The letter reminds the government of the huge contribution that the freight forwarding sector has made in keeping the UK’s trade flowing during both the recent pandemic and  the implementation of the Stages 1 and 2 of the Border Operating Model.

It concludes that the request for some form of compensation is entirely reasonable and any refusal would be unacceptable, and a further slap in the face to the logistics sector that manages the majority of the UK's visible international trade.

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