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Operating Light Goods Vehicles in the EU - rule changes

Reminder of important rule changes to operating light goods vehicles in the EU from 21 May

As previously advised through this website and BIFAlink , it is important for Members to remember that new  EU rules mean that you will need an International Operators’ Licence if you want to use light goods vehicles such as vans, vans or cars towing trailers to transport goods for hire or reward into or through the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein on or after 21 May 2022.

It’s only 3 weeks before the new rules come into effect. If you want to continue operating in the EU without interruption from 21 May 2022, you will need to apply now for an interim licence on GOV.UK.

Don't forget:

● You’ll need to have a qualified transport manager. If you do not have the qualification, you might be able to be temporarily recognised as a transport manager if you have enough experience. You can make the process easier by using the service on GOV.UK.

● If you already hold an International Operators' Licence for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) you can https://www.gov.uk/manage-vehicle-operator-licence.

● You’ll need to show documents to prove that you have access to a set amount of finance to run your business, such as bank statements. See which documents you can use.

You may also need to make posting declarations for journeys to the EU

If you’re transporting goods between two points in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway for commercial purposes, (known as cabotage or cross trade), you must now make a “posting declaration”, which means registering the operator, driver, driver employment details, dates of travel, and the vehicle used.

This could be using HGVs, vans or other light goods vehicles of any size, or cars, whether or not you’re towing a trailer. It’ll apply if you’re moving the goods for hire or reward, or for your own business’ use.

The information you need to sign up and start declaring is available on GOV.UK. Or, you can access the EU Portal and FAQs now

More information about both of these changes can be found at :-



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