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General guidance on attending an IBF

Update on Inland Border Facility (IBF) testing and guidance on when to attend an IBF

Members may be aware that HMRC carried out testing of IBF sites at Sevington and Holyhead last month (16-19 August).

The testing went as planned and HMRC would like to thank you all for your cooperation throughout this period. A second test is planned for September, and further information on this will be shared in due course.

General guidance on attending an IBF

HMRC are aware that some drivers are still attending an IBF unnecessarily – and once at the IBF, drivers cannot leave the site until their arrival is processed.

The following information aims to help save time and unnecessary delays by helping hauliers, freight forwarders and drivers understand when to attend an IBF.

Hauliers moving goods on behalf of an agent should only attend an IBF when notified by their agent.

Some common examples of unnecessary attendance at an IBF include:

  • For exports, drivers inappropriately attending when they’re Route 1 and are required to provide the National Clearance Hub (NCH) with additional information before NCH can clear, or before it has been determined if an inspection is required. Advice on how to provide information to the NCH can be found at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/national-clearance-hub-for-goods-entering-leaving-or-transiting-the-eu
  • For imports
    • drivers not checking the Goods Vehicle Movements Service (GVMS) to see if a hold has been applied;
    • drivers attending an IBF even after they’ve checked they are Route 6 clear “just to be safe”; and
    • drivers attending during GVMS downtime.

Hauliers, freight forwarders and drivers can pre-notify HMRC that they’re attending an IBF, and this can reduce time spent at the Office of Departure.

Please refer to the guidance on telling HMRC that you’re going to be attending an IBF at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tell-hmrc-that-youre-going-to-be-attending-an-inland-border-facility


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