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Member Request: Logistics Performance (LPI) 2022 survey

The World Bank wants to hear from BIFA members as part of the Logistics Performance (LPI) 2022 survey.

The World Bank’s LPI benchmarks logistics performance in around 160 countries. We would like to invite our members to take part in the survey at https://logistics-performance-index-survey-2022.worldbank.org/?comp=FFA. Completing the 11-question survey takes around 10 minutes. It can be answered by more than one respondent per organisation.

The survey assesses several dimensions of logistics performance, such as the efficiency of the clearance process, the quality of transport-related infrastructure, and the ability to track and trace consignments in eight pre-selected countries per respondent.

Your response will help generate the new Logistics Performance Index (LPI), a dataset closely monitored by professionals and policymakers worldwide. The results will be published in the public domain in late 2022 at https://lpi.worldbank.org/ .

The survey does not seek any confidential company-specific information. Any response that you provide to these questions will be kept confidential. No personal data will be shared with third parties. The World Bank will conduct its analysis based on an anonymized dataset.

Please note that any identifying personal data we collect about you through the survey questionnaire will be securely safeguarded by the World Bank and will be deleted within 36 months from the date of collection of the data. Your participation in the survey is entirely voluntary. If at any point there are any questions you do not feel comfortable answering, you can choose not to answer them. You can also choose to stop the survey at any point without penalty. When the survey results are published, aggregation will be such that individual responses cannot be identified.

For information on the Personal Data Privacy Request and Review Mechanisms and to submit a request, individuals should review the information contained on the WB Data Privacy Request and Review Mechanisms web page.

This is a unique opportunity to “vote” and ultimately influence the environment that you, as professionals, operate in.

All responses are confidential and anonymous.

Have any questions? Email the World Bank at LPI@worldbank.org

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