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News: HMRC

News articles are listed below, for more detail simply click the title. To see Archive, BIFA or Industry news use the menu options on the left. You can have news articles delivered directly to you as an RSS feed by clicking the RSS Icon above.

Downloads relating to EU Exit (Brexit) can be viewed here: EU EXIT

Note to media: If you wish to use/report items tagged as 'BIFA' that are older than 1 month, please get in touch to ensure that the press release in question still reflects the current circumstances. Contact us.

Current news are those articles from the last 3 months. Archive news are those articles more than 3 months old. To see articles with a specific tag simply click the tag in the panel on the left.

Corrective action for double VAT and Excise calculations stemming from CDS issues on the 30th December

Mon. 2 Jan 2023
Very high importance - ACT NOW to reclaim double payments to HMRC resulting from CDS update on 30th December 2022

URGENT clarification from HMRC relating to codes U110-U112

Fri. 4 Nov 2022
BIFA has been advised by HMRC that guidance issued relating to Claiming preferential rates of duty between the UK and EU is incorrect and must not be followed. HMRC is working to retract the information as a matter of priority.

HMRC Statement on issues with CDS - 1st November 2022

Tue. 1 Nov 2022
BIFA has been in constant contact with HMRC regarding IT issues today. The Department is currently experiencing issues with Customs Declaration Service (CDS) following an update connected to another system relating to Tariff changes overnight.

Simplifying declarations on CDS - Waiver Document Code 999L

Fri. 16 Sep 2022
Earlier this year HMRC added waiver document code ‘999L’ to the UK Trade Tariff: volume 3 for CDS for imports and exports movements between Great Britain and the rest of the world. This code can be used for certain controlled and restricted goods where it is deemed a licence is not applicable.

General guidance on attending an IBF

Fri. 9 Sep 2022
Update on Inland Border Facility (IBF) testing and guidance on when to attend an IBF

Overview of the HMRC CDS Customer Support Model (CSM)

Fri. 9 Sep 2022
HMRC have provided a pack which provides an overview of the Customer Support Model (CSM) offer.

Import Declaration Routes on the Customs Declaration Service

Fri. 26 Aug 2022
Please see below a reminder message received from HMRC related to CDS declaration routing

Two months to go - make sure you are ready for CDS

Wed. 3 Aug 2022
BIFA has been highlighting the transition from CHIEF to CDS for some time. The BIFA Customs Policy Group representing the Membership has been providing insights to HMRC regarding how the new system actually works in practice, issues are being identified and remedies implemented.

Temporary changes to the Customs Declaration Service currency conversion and reliefs

Mon. 1 Aug 2022
HMRC have announced the temporary removal of the requirement to use GBP currency when claiming the Negligible Value (goods under £135) and Gift Reliefs (goods under £39) on the Customs Declaration Service.

CTC Movements for Exports

Thu. 28 Jul 2022
HMRC have shared the following information regarding CTC Movements for Exports

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