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News articles are listed below, for more detail simply click the title. To see Archive, BIFA or Industry news use the menu options on the left. You can have news articles delivered directly to you as an RSS feed by clicking the RSS Icon above.

Downloads relating to EU Exit (Brexit) can be viewed here: EU EXIT 2020

Note to media: If you wish to use/report items tagged as 'BIFA' that are older than 1 month, please get in touch to ensure that the press release in question still reflects the current circumstances. Contact us.

Current news are those articles from the last 3 months. Archive news are those articles more than 3 months old. To see articles with a specific tag simply click the tag in the panel on the left.

Update on the Port of Holyhead

Tue. 16 Feb 2021
The Port of Holyhead will offer Office of Transit and CITES checks only.

The Port of Felixstowe changes to VBS

Mon. 15 Feb 2021
Changes to the Vehicle Booking System (VBS) from 09:00hrs Monday 22 February.

New UK grants for SMEs

Mon. 15 Feb 2021
The UK Government has launched a new wave of financial support to help small and medium-sized businesses that import or export from/to the EU.

Freight association urges members to consider recruiting apprentices

Thu. 11 Feb 2021
As National Apprenticeship week nears its end, the British International Freight Association has repeated its call for freight forwarding and logistics companies to consider recruiting apprentices.

BAI Index: Charter Service, Elevated Rates, and Volatility: The New Normal?

Tue. 9 Feb 2021
Global airfreight rates cooled sequentially over the course of January—especially on North America-bound Transpacific routes—as a protracted and robust peak season wound to a close. But on a multi-year stack, global rates remain well above historical peaks.

Check if a business holds Authorised Economic Operator status

Mon. 8 Feb 2021
Use this list to see if a business holds Authorised Economic Operator status with HMRC.

Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) staff renew strike action

Fri. 5 Feb 2021
Workers employed by Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) will renew strike action today.

Use of CPC 00 09 080 Post-Clearance Action

Thu. 4 Feb 2021
BIFA would like to remind Members of the time limits for the use of C21 CPC 00 09 080.

2020 Worst Year for Air Cargo Demand Since Performance Monitoring Began in 1990

Thu. 4 Feb 2021
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released data for global air freight markets showing that demand for air cargo decreased by 10.6% in 2020, compared to 2019. This was the largest drop in year-on-year demand since IATA started to monitor cargo performance in 1990, outpacing the 6% fall in global trade in goods.

US and UK conclude arrangement to strengthen end-to-end supply chain security

Wed. 3 Feb 2021
The United States and United Kingdom have concluded an arrangement to formally recognize one another’s authorized economic operator programs.

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