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Freight Forwarding Essentials - Live

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A one and a half day course for those new to forwarding, designed to allow delegates to gain basic experience of the overall processes. This course focuses on the requirements of forwarders and intermediaries.

All our interactive Zoom training courses feature live trainers with over 25 years freight and customs experience, delegates will receive workbooks for each module. Therefore, to enable them to join in the activities live, a Webcam is essential and must be used. Your rights under GDPR will be protected.

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Preparing to Trade and Documentation
These combined modules explain key information and common documentation required to enable goods to be imported or exported. We will focus on the relationship between the buyer and seller.  (40 minutes)

Incoterms 2020
In this session we will simplify what Incoterms are and their purpose. Again, we will focus on the buyer, seller and forwarder relationship as well as valuation for Customs purposes. (1h 15 minutes)    

Modes of Transport
Delegates will learn the features and benefits of the various modes of transport and equipment. We will compare the modes in order to make the best decision for the customer regarding most appropriate choice for their shipment. (45 minutes)  

We will cover the different policy types, how they’re obtained, the levels of cover, limits of liability and discuss the factors that can affect premiums. (40 minutes)

Bookings and Consolidations
In this session we will focus on the requirements needed to ensure that goods are booked correctly and the information that may be needed. We will then explain the principles of a consolidation across all the main modes of transport, including the economics, process and practical issues that you may encounter. (50 minutes)  

Charges and Costings
Delegates will learn about volume conversion for different modes of transport, including density factors. We will also include all the elements required when quoting. The assessment for this module will be to complete an actual quotation. (45 minutes)  

Customs Basics
In this short introductory session, you will gain an understanding of the online Trade Tariff, its volumes and their purpose and how to classify goods accurately. You will also learn how any costs that must be paid to HMRC can be done. (35 minutes)

Please note: Courses can start either AM or PM and day 1. Please check the timings when you register to book. Schedules are listed below.

AM sessions start 0930
PM sessions start 1400



Many courses are repeated during the year, to see a complete list of available dates for this course please visit the course description page for Freight Forwarding Essentials - Live

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