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KCSM - Known Consignor - Supervisor/Manager

This course forms part of the BIFA suite of Known Consignor training and complies with the UK DfT Mandatory Conditions & Syllabus Air Cargo (Known Consignor) Security Training (August 2014).

Trainees must be engaged by a Known Consignor who has completed background or pre-employment checks as specified by the DfT prior to commencing training.

Recurrent training is to be undertaken at least every 24 months.

The Known Consignor - Supervisors/Manager course is designed for individuals working at Known Consignore sites who have access to air cargo and supervisory or management resposibilities (responsible person) within the Known Consignor operation. 

The Known Consignor - Supervisors/Manager course covers modules:

  • The threat to aviation
  • Aviation security organisation and legislation
  • Principles of the air cargo security regime
  • Recognition of firearms and explosives
  • Methods of concealment
  • Protecting air cargo
  • Responding to threat warnings
  • Prohibited articles
  • Making cargo secure
  • Secure transportation
  • Consignment security certificate
  • The role of the responsible person

Successful candidates will be issued with a certificate recognised by the DfT which is valid for a period of two years.

Important Notice:

This level of training should only be delivered where it is relevant to the person’s air cargo security responsibilities. People who have not been recruited in accordance with Chapter 11 of EU 2015/1998 (as retained in UK law) must not see or hear this information.

In accordance with EU 2015/1998 (as retained in UK law) and UK Aviation Security regulation, it is an offence for the course and exam to be completed by another person other than the named delegate. Records must be kept and produced upon request, by the CAA, to evidence; (i) completion of the course and exam by the named delegate and (ii) the name of the supervising responsible person.

If you lose your User Name or Password or you suspect either have been compromised, BIFA are to be informed immediately.


Registrations for Online Training expire after 28 days.



Many courses are repeated during the year, to see a complete list of available dates for this course please visit the course description page for KCSM - Known Consignor - Supervisor/Manager

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